Vercom offers many references of tools and accessories such as hammers, knives, support blades etc ... adaptable to professional plant shredders, plank shredders, chip mills, forestry shredders, hydraulic, wheel and crawler stump trimmers as well as BANDIT brand shredders.

Our parts are adaptable to the following bandit models:

Branch shredders:

- 75 XP, 90XP, 95 XP, 12X, 12XT, 12XP, 15XPC, 15XP, 18 XP

Waste disposal disposal:

- MINI BEAST 1425, 1680XP, 2460 XP, 3680

Forest shredders:

- 21XP, 2290, 2590, 3590XL

Stramp trimmers & nibblers:

- 2250 R, 2550, 2650SP, 2890SP, SG40, 2550T, SG-75, 2650T, 2900T

Hydraulic stump trimmers:

- SA-25, PRO75, PRO 100, PRO150

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