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Grinder hammers are essential pieces of equipment for forestry, industrial and construction shredders. They are used to crush and grind different types of materials, such as wood, household waste, construction waste, etc.

There are several types of shredder hammers, which vary depending on their shape, size and building material. Some are designed for use on diesel-powered mills, while others are designed for use on electric shredders.

It is important to choose the type of hammer according to the application at which it will be used. For example, if you need to grind wood, you may want to opt for hardened steel hammers with tungsten spikes, which is known for its durability and wear resistance. If you need to grind household waste, you may want to opt for a stainless steel hammer, which is resistant to acidic and corrosive waste.

It is also important to keep your mill hammers in good condition to optimize their life and performance. This can be done by sharpening them regularly, checking bolts and nuts to make sure they are tight, and replacing damaged or worn hammers.

Ultimately, grinder hammers are a crucial piece of equipment for many industries, and it's important to take good care of them to ensure their efficiency and durability.

Our hammers are equipped with ultra-resistant tungsten tips ideal for the most arduous jobs. At the same time, we also offer tungsten carbide chip-reinforced hammers that can further optimize the work of the most supported customers.

Our hammers are compatible with the following models:

- Fae grinding hammers: UML / UMM / UHM / SSL / SSH / SCH / SSM /
- AHWI shredder hammers: MINI FORST / MIDIFORST / MIDIFORST DT / STARFORST / SUPERFORST / MAXIFORST / M 450H / M550H / M650 / M750H / UZM 580 / UZM 700 / M 700 / M 900 / SML / SMO / S Cabrio / S9 Base, dyna, coupe / WBS
- Doppstadt shredder hammers: AK 235 / AK 435 series, 435 K / AK 560, AK 635, AK 635 SA /
- Pleasure shredder hammer: BM / BF / BS / BFH / GBF / BFS
- Bugnot shredder hammer: type F, type P1 P2 P3 for BFO and BFL
- Willibald Grinder Hammer: SR / SHARK 1, 2 and 3 /

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